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zFrontier Keyboard Expo image

April 20, 2024

zFrontier Keyboard Expo

Hazaribagh, India

5 major exhibition areas Personalized keycap area: overwhelming display of massive personalized keycaps Keyboard area: classic retro or cyber technology, simple and fresh or tough and avant-garde, all kinds of keyboards are waiting for you to check in Keycap area: PBT to the left, ABS to the right, experience the design collision brought by different materials and processes at one time Shaft area: What kind of black technology experience will major shaft manufacturers bring us this year? Wait and see Personal Favorites Area: You are the only one who can make friends with keys! Check out need keyboard (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) 4 interactive experiences Black technology on the table, you can have enough fun at once In-app purchase during Keyboard Festival, don’t hesitate to buy it Check out Shanghai’s landmarks and take beautiful photos from the entertainment industry right here Key circle lottery, creating myths Mystery scratch card Good luck buff! There will be a surprise when you scratch it (*¯︶¯*) Including equipment frontline mall surprise coupons, keycaps, kits, switches, table decorations and many other prizes!

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Mechanical Keyboards Caen #1 image

April 27, 2024

Mechanical Keyboards Caen #1

Caen, France

Le Dôme nous accueille dans ses locaux à l'Esplanade Stéphane Hessel, Caen, pour se retrouver, discuter, tester et montrer des claviers mécaniques. Vous connaissez la chanson. Vous y êtes les bienvenus, que ce soit pour découvrir le hobby, exposer vos plus belles pièces ou simplement tester des claviers. Rdv le 27 avril de 14 à 17h.

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TexMechs Keyboard Roundup 2024 image

April 27, 2024

TexMechs Keyboard Roundup 2024

Richardson, United States

Save the date! ❤️ We’re holding a mechanical keyboard meetup in Dallas TX, open to all levels of enthusiasts. TexMechs Keyboard Roundup is scheduled for April 27, 2024. Be sure to follow this page and join our Discord! 🤠 More info about tickets, charity, activities, sponsors, vendors, and giveaways coming soon. 😘

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Northern Virginia May 2024 Meetup image

May 18, 2024

Northern Virginia May 2024 Meetup

Arlington, United States Saturday May 18th, 2024 1PM-5PM Arlington Central Library Auditorium (1015 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22201) Same location as last time, same deal 🙂 If you're metro-ing, the library is close to both the Ballston and Virginia Sq metro stations on the Orange/Silver line. Free parking in the garage or the parking lot behind on weekends Still free! 3 keyboard limit Please RSVP, I will hard-cap meetup attendance at ~150 signups If we hit 150 that would be insane, but giving folks a heads up just in case

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MECHANICON 2024 image

June 22, 2024


Frankfurt, Germany

What is Mechanicon? Mechanicon is Europe’s biggest meetup/conference for people interested in mechanical keyboards. First and foremost we want you to be able to enjoy the keyboard community that always manages to get together with us at Mechanicon! Mechanicon is getting huuuuge… We started out with about 60 people in 2016, grew to 150 people in 2017, 250 in 2018, and 2023 we were about 380 attendees with visitors from all over Europe! We never did any advertisement outside of community forums. Mechanicon is free! It is an event meant for everyone: For the community, from the community. “Cheap” is something else for everyone, “free” means the same to all. We want the event to be open for everyone. Making admission free is an important step in this direction. Mechanicon is friendly Mechanicon is a family friendly event that aims to be inviting for everyone, experts and newbies alike. Everybody should feel welcome and safe. And the community is great and friendly, so we never had any problems regarding this yet!

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MKUK Annual Meetup 2024 Leeds image

June 22, 2024

MKUK Annual Meetup 2024 Leeds

Leeds, United Kingdom

The MKUK meetup is the spot for keyboard enthusiasts in the UK to gather and talk about keyboards. There will be vendors showcasing products, lots of keyboards, great food and much more! Join our Discord to stay up to date with the latest events.

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Keeblife LA image

August 31, 2024

Keeblife LA

Pasadena, United States

Save the date!

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