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June 22, 2024 12:00 - 16:00


What is Mechanicon? Mechanicon is Europe’s biggest meetup/conference for people interested in mechanical keyboards. First and foremost we want you to be able to enjoy the keyboard community that always manages to get together with us at Mechanicon! Mechanicon is getting huuuuge… We started out with about 60 people in 2016, grew to 150 people in 2017, 250 in 2018, and 2023 we were about 380 attendees with visitors from all over Europe! We never did any advertisement outside of community forums. Mechanicon is free! It is an event meant for everyone: For the community, from the community. “Cheap” is something else for everyone, “free” means the same to all. We want the event to be open for everyone. Making admission free is an important step in this direction. Mechanicon is friendly Mechanicon is a family friendly event that aims to be inviting for everyone, experts and newbies alike. Everybody should feel welcome and safe. And the community is great and friendly, so we never had any problems regarding this yet!

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